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Adwords Search Campaign – Language and Bidding Strategy

Adwords Language Targeting Options

Languages – Adwords Search

By default Google will tell you what languages you should be targeting.  For instance if I targeted the country of Germany then it will recommend I target English and German.

I recommend that in almost every case you only target 1 language per campaign.  So if my Denver Dental clinic also caters to those who speak Spanish I would want a separate campaign that is just targeting Spanish and another campaign that just targets English.

Doing it this way will help you in regards to the overall Quality score of the campaign and allow you to more easily track ROI.

Bidding Strategy Adwords

Basic Options

bidding strategy

For the Basic Options you can either manually set the bids for clicks or you can have Adwords automatically set the bids for you based on your budget.

Both of these options can work but at the end of the day you should set your own CPC  (Cost Per Click) if going the basic options route.   There just isn’t a reason at this point and time that I have found to allow Adwords to set your CPC.  Set the amount a click is worth to you.  You can always increase the CPC  manually.

This option gives you the most control and you won’t accidentally pay $20 to $30 bucks a click when Adwords acts stupid.

– Default Bid:  I get asked a lot what the default bid should be.  The honest answer is it totally depends on the country your are targeting and how competitive the keyword is.  If you are an accident lawyer then paying $15 dollars for a click is in the very real realm of possibilities.

When starting out there is nothing wrong with putting a low ball bid of something like .31 cents a click just to see if you get any search impressions.  Later in this Adwords Search course we will cover more tips on strategy.

– Budget : I generally always set my budget at $5 to $10 dollars for the first day or so then I start bringing the budget up after a few days.  I recommend everyone start their campaigns this way just to ensure you are not bidding on anything super generic by accident and you can easily gauge your results  without accidentally spending $300 dollars in 5 minutes for some really stupid mistake.

Advanced Options


I’ve shot myself in the foot more than once using the extra features under the advanced options.  I have seen some campaigns get decent results with Enhanced CPC as well as using CPA bids.  For me personally I don’t think enhanced CPC or CPA bidding is advanced enough to make the correct choices.

Over time I see these two options improving greatly but as of 5/17/2015 I personally avoid these choices.  In several instances when I set my CPA bid I ended up getting next to nothing in volume for my campaign.  Other times with Enhanced CPC it almost seemed like Adwords just wanted me to piss money away.

My advice for now is to NOT use Enhanced CPC or CPA bids starting off.  Over time I would revisit and perhaps test these options out yourself or just come back to or site as I’ll be testing and sharing results.

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